Domed Pool Covers
Domed Pool Covers
Domed Pool Covers

Domed cover advantages

The IDEALCOVER Klasik model of swimming pool roofing is one of the most attractively priced models on the market. The arched shape of the roof is the most resistant against weather conditions of all offered roofing types. It is therefore suitable for moderate climatic zone as well as mountain areas.

• High quality for a low price
• The most popular roofing on the market
• Easy and quick assembly
• High stability and resistance to weather and wear
• All modules are mobile for easy stowage behind the pool
• Standard delivery in boxes (minimal risk of damage during transfer)


• Elox surface finish on the frame and sidings
• Frame made of aluminium-based AlMgSi alloy
• 3 load-bearing sections on the module
• Removable polycarbonate front wall
• Right-hinged door in front wall
• Sidings 70 mm apart at the axes
• 36 x 50 mm sections
• Clear double-walled polycarbonate (3,1 W/m2K) with a NO DROP finish

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